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With drug tests becoming more and more common in workplaces and while applying for jobs, a lot of marijuana users look for alternative ways to get through these tests. Synthetic urine or fake pee remains one of the most popular ways of passing a drug test and it uses laboratory made liquid mixture of chemicals which are very similar to real urine in physical and chemical properties. It has been used widely with a varying degree of success and there are a lot of brands selling fake pee but only a few of them are brands that work

Most of the urinalysis tests which are performed during job interviews or at a workplace are unlikely to go too deep into the urine’s composition and thus find out that fake pee has been used. So a majority of the time, if you use good quality synthetic urine, you should easily be able to pass drug tests. Synthetic urine from good brands has all the necessary chemicals in them to mimic real urine. This includes uric acid and urea, which are waste products found in urine. The color of fake pee is also similar to real urine which is slightly yellowish and also it might contain short froth in order to completely copy real urine. Creatinine is another waste product which is added to fake urine in order to mimic real urine’s chemical composition. Even the ph and specific gravity are made to match the real urine which makes it a pretty safe bet to pass the drug test. 

Heating pads and temperature strips are also common in good quality synthetic urine and it helps in maintaining ideal temperature which is around 36-37 degree C. You need to take care to maintain this temperature and not let it get too warm or too cold so as to not arouse any suspicion. All these precautions and additions to these synthetic urine kits allow them to look and feel the same as real urine and thus pass any basic tests with ease. All you have to do is to get the synthetic urine inside the testing area without arousing any suspicion. If you accomplish this, then you are almost sure to pass the drug test without any problems as they are strikingly similar to real urine and cannot be told apart with a basic urinalysis test.