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As cat owners (or just any pet owner) we adore them so much and always want to make sure that our cats are healthy and they are eating what they should, i.e. what is ideal for the cats. We all have fallen for the amazing advertisements that we see selling cat food claiming that their product is the best and cats love to eat their food. But one food can never be given to all the cats, they all have unique traits and some like chicken-based food while others prefer eating fish-based. This makes it really difficult for people to decide which food they should buy and what they need to avoid while buying this food. The cat food shown in advertisements can be good for your particular cat but you should never blindly buy it because it is on sale or if the person says it’s the best, after all, they want to sell their products so of course, they are going to say it’s the best cat food out there.

There are guidelines posted by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to regulate all the cat food producing companies and what they need to include on the label (food label showing all the ingredients it is made of). They have established a rule that all food products should have a single ingredient based like chicken, grains, soy, or other compounds and it should have about 95% of that product in the packaging and the rest can be other things which appeal to the cats to eat the food. Sometimes we see companies showing a combination of those products, so we need to make sure that those combinations together make about 95% of the total volume of the cat food being sold. Foods with other descriptive phrases written on the packaging label saying things like “dinner”, ”entrée” or “snacks” need to have a quarter of that product present in it which is the legal amount established by AAFCO so if you see there are some hiccups make sure you stay away from those brands.

Every cat needs a proper diet and one cannot stress enough on that, you should always be careful about the animal protein and fat that is being fed to your pet and monitor it properly since some cats develop liking for some food and don’t eat essential things which result in them getting sick. The list of ingredients in any given food can tell us a lot about that product and how it was made. All the products are listed according to their weight in the packaging so things with the amounts of water in them (usually protein-rich sources) like chicken, turkey, beef, or fish. Companies also add additive nutrients to the food which are high in nutrients and have been dried out to make them easy to add in any kind of base ingredient. Cats being carnivores need some kind animal protein and fat which is arguably the most important part of their diet. Essentials like taurine and arachidonic acid need to be in their diet which only comes from the meat-based diet (cannot be found in plant-based sources).

You should also make sure that you are not feeding your cat by-products all the same since there are some which can be highly nutritious for your cat since they contain ingredients like liver and lungs. That being said, only reputable companies have been known to make good by-Products so you should always be careful about which companies by-products you are buying since one wrong decision can result in your cat getting sick. Once you find a good company whose products are favored by your cat you should stick with them and always try to find the food offered by that company. You can read more about these products and how to use them on FortunateCat ( which has amazing blogs about cats(like cat food reviews blog and soft cat food reviews) and how you should choose the proper cat food companies that your cat will also like.

There is always a debate going on between people about whether to buy canned or dry cat food and both have their own pros and cons but ultimately it comes down to what your cats’ preference is. There is a group of researchers that believe that canned food is better compared to dry one since there is present moisture keeping the ingredients softer for the cat and easy to digest. This can be highly advantageous for people who own cats that do not like to drink milk or water very often. There are tools to remedy this situation like water fountains and dripping faucets which attracts the cat in a creative way and makes them play with the water and drink it at the same time (raising their curiosity using attractive methods and in turn making them like the fluids).

You should always be aware of the age of your cat and if that food is suitable for a cat of that age. Sometimes there is food that is good for all ages and some target cats of a certain group (Result of the fact that digestion is different for cats of different ages). So, you should always choose a food that is balanced and complete for all life stages (or you can go with picking foods according to your cat’s age).

You should always read the list of ingredients, i.e. the things that the given food has in it. They can be lucrative and dodgy if the company is trying to add things that might not be healthy for the cats so you should always read every single one of those ingredients carefully. Not only that since cats can also have allergies for a specific ingredient might result in harmful scenarios so you should also consult with your doctor about these things.