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Rolex is truly a watch that not only notifies you the time but also speaks of your royalty. It’s standard case designs and bracelet editions are loved all over the world. It is indeed one of the most recognized brands of watches. Apart from being a physical object of need, it is a style statement that people are crazy for, and honestly, it deserves all this love.

People who are fond of royal and luxurious watches can never stop drooling over the designs of Rolex. Earlier watches were just a necessary tool, but Rolex has completely changed the definition of watches for the world.


Rolex is a leading name in the industry of watches that can be easily trusted upon. It is the first name in the world of watches to be honored by a Chronometric Precision Certificate. Chronometry refers to the science of measurement of time, and Rolex is designed in a way to precisely measure the time. They even evaluate their packed watches to +2/-2 seconds’ deviation every single day.

‘In-House’ Built

From the metal to every other component used in its making, is built in- house. They don’t use any component manufactured by any other company. All the alloys used in its manufacturing are made in their own refinery.


This heritage watchmaking company was started with Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Davis in a city where the royalty lives ie. London, under the name ‘Wilsdorf and Davis”. Later the jewelry makers too joined the team of watchmakers and hence the designs got more and more beautiful.

In 1926, the first waterproof watch was designed by Rolex and it was promoted by Mercedes Gleitze, who was known to be the first British woman to swim the English Channel and the first one to swim the Straits of Gibraltar. Time and again, the magical inventions by Rolex have kept flowing in such as first self-winding watch in 1931, a watch with a date in 1945, first racing chronograph in 1963, and many more.

Its special editions are known to be carried to the highest peak of the world – the Mountain Everest and to the lowest point on the earth- Challenger Deep. Isn’t that a great achievement?

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Before you plan to buy this ageless watch for yourself or your loved ones, here are a few aspects you must consider.

  1. Finances

Rolex is a luxurious and expensive investment, make sure your finances allow you to invest such a big chunk. Do not burn a hole in your pocket for a luxury that can be easily lost/stolen. Buy it only when your pocket allows. Also, don’t ever buy it on the credit card, remember that the borrowed money is expensive money and 20% interest is a big amount. Of course, you should never kill the necessities for luxuries. Therefore, look for your budget first.

  1. Your Mindset

If you are buying it merely to flaunt in society, then it is a no good reason. You should buy it for yourself to celebrate your money or to please yourself. Buying a Rolex is obviously a sign of big achievement, acquiring it from your hard-earned money can inspire you to work even harder every time you see it in your hands.

  1. Knowledge

When you are going to invest such a big amount of your money on a small thing, be sure that it is worthy. It’s very important to have good knowledge about Rolex before you buy one for yourself. It’s a wise thing to work a little beforehand to grab the best deal. Of course, you can directly visit a store and buy it at the retail price if you wish, but those wishing to save a little, can do some homework and see where they can get the best deal. The research not just helps you to avail the best price but also lets you recognize the model that suits you. When you are buying a Rolex, it’s something that is going to stay with you for decades, it’s not a frequent purchase, so invest some time and decide. Visiting the Rolex Forums and interacting with the consultants can help.

Buying A Fake Rolex

Purchasing a fake Rolex is a completely bad option. Because firstly, it will never give you the feel of original Rolex and you will always feel meek wearing it. How embarrassing would it be if someone spots your fake Rolex? Therefore, it is advisable to not buy the Rolex products at the bargain-counter. If you cannot afford the original right now, wait for the right time but buy only the original.

The best option is to buy your Rolex only from authorized dealers or stores. But in case, some of you are fond of antique collections and wish to buy the secondhand edition from the heritage dealers online, it is important to verify that the product is original.

Here a few tips that can help you spot a fake Rolex

  • Spelling mistakes in the name can be an easily observable sign – the original manufacturing company never makes such mistakes. Rolex is a world-famous brand that never gives you a watch with forged text, it’s a thing of fraudulent companies in order to hide the original details.
  • There are watches where “Oyster” has been mentioned on the label, but it actually has no waterproof quality. As soon as you dip it into the water, it turns out to be a total failure.
  • Always check for the model number engraved on the inside of the band, verify it with the number online and see if it matches the watch. In the case of fake Rolex watches, the model number is poorly engraved, so you cannot read it properly.
  • Remove the case back and see if the gears are of a similar color, if it’s not the same, be sure that it is a fake Rolex. In the original Rolex, the inside of the case back includes model number, type of metal used, and “Made in_” information.
  • Original Rolexes have sweeping kinds of movements, hence you will never hear sounds of tick-tock as in other regular watches. Rolex instead has quiet movements. A loud sound is an alarm to recognize fake Rolex watches.